Residencies for artistic experiments

Through an Open Call, three residencies for artistic experiments were offered to artists in the independent art scene in the Rhine-Neckar region. Through the residencies, Schwindelfrei 2020 is consciously seeking to support groups that extend their reach beyond the region by already having working relationships or want to establish new connections outside of our region. In this way, the Festival is responding to the increasing importance of inter-regional collaborations within the framework of artistic production. Starting on June 15, 2020, the groups will work with a variety of independent theatre houses in Mannheim and present their results in the form of performance installations, short performances and open rehearsals during the Festival.

The projects chosen for Schwindelfrei 2020 each react uniquely to the Festival theme of “FABULATIONS – more than a single story” by responding to a very specific question through a particular aesthetic form.

Unser Land. Punkt

Workshop-Residence / Audio Walk
by Tala Al-Deen, Vincent Bababoutilabo, Chana Dischereit, Laura Frey
(Mannheim/Berlin) WITH Serra Al-Deen, Sevda Can Arslan



Workshop-Residence / Video-Installation & Performance
by Amsbeck&Konsorten



Workshop-Residence / Dance
by Edan Gorlicki / INTER-ACTIONS


TRANSFER  Program for Artistic Exchange / Mentoring

Supplementing the residencies for Schwindelfrei 2020, the Transfer Program was created to provide an exchange format for the regional art scene that brings artists together with selected experts. Independent groups and performance spaces can apply for a one-time grant to put on an artistic or expert exchange. EinTanzHaus has qualified for such a grant and will be working with Thomas Schmidt, Professor of Theatre Management.

Power and Structure in Theater

Talk by Thomas Schmidt

  EinTanzHaus | 26 June, 2020 | 8 pm | in German