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Theater Performance Kunst RAMPIG (Mannheim)

Opening hours
Thu, 2 July, 8 – 10 pm
Fri, 3 July, 6 – 10 pm
Sat, 4 July, 6 – 10 pm


  Theaterhaus G7


“Welcome to the Frauenlaube Snack Bar! What’ll it be?”

During the Theaterfestivals Schwindelfrei 2020, the theatre / performance artist group RAMPIG offered visitors a look at their rehearsals for their upcoming piece “Three Sisters” which is inspired by Anton Checkov. The collective made their work “Frauenlaube” available for viewing on three evenings during the festival at the Theaterhaus G7 and as a livestream under

„Frauenlaube“ was presented as a snack bar with art snacks. Audience members could dial the number +49 621 % during the specified telephone times and either arrange for a private visit or take advantage of their delivery service which would bring artwork chosen and developed by RAMPIG directly to your home. Payment was made online through the purchase of a day ticket. Both options, going personally to the installation for pick-up or having your art delivered to your home, included your choice of one from three items on the menu and a short performance. During this experience, the collective invited the audience to exchange stories and thoughts about contemporary images of women. The collected experiences will flow into the current production of “Drei Schwestern: Frauenherberge” in order to expand the project on hand from new perspectives.  

It’s this simple: 

  1. Ticket
    Purchase your ticket online.
  2. Call us up:
    Dial the number “Frauenlaube” +49 621 % and you will reach one of our representatives during the designated opening hours.
  3. Choose your menu
    During your telephone call, you will receive information about our three menu items and then you will be asked to make a selection.
  4. Pick-up or delivery
    The menus can be delivered or picked up.

    - Individual appointments are possible

    - If you would like to receice your menu by mail, one of our representatives will tell you how to do it.
  5. Delivery:
    Have your pre-purchased day ticket ready and show it during delivery / pick up.

In the piece “Frauenlaube,” all hygienic measures to ensure mutual protection will be enforced. All social distancing regulations will be complied with. Visitors can receive a face mask at the theatre, if needed. If you feel ill, we ask you to refrain from visiting this event.


Theater Performance Kunst RAMPIG was founded in Heidelberg in 2005 and is organized as a collective of freelance artists. The members, who live in different cities and have different artistic focuses, form an interdisciplinary working group for the duration of a production, which is extended by guest artists of different genres. The working method of the collective combines performance with contemporary forms of acting in the context of spatial installations.

Artists: Sebastian Arnd, Leoni Awischus, Christina Bauernfeind, Benjamin Bay, Friedrich Byusa Blam, Sophia Mara Buck, Malte Fischer, Tim Fischer, Christoph Hack, Leonard Hacker, Nikola Haubner, Nils Kirchgeßner, Charlotte Kreuzer, Lea Langenfelder, Liz Langenfelder, Tabea Lankhuijzen, Karolina Leśna, Sophie Lichtenberg, Anna Müller, Tabea Panizzi, Luca Pauer, Melanie Riester, Clara Schiltenwolf, Beata Anna Schmutz, Stephan Schmutz, Verena Schröder, Ricarda Walter

Photo credits "showing": Lys Y Seng
Photo- and video credits: Theater Performance Kunst RAMPIG