Discussion / live stream

Independent Art Scene of the Many?

Artistic practice and cultural-political strategies. Moderated by Dr. Azadeh Sharifi

Live stream
Sun, 5 July, 5 – 6.30 pm


This discussion was made available in our media library during the festival.

On the one hand, the independent art scene, as opposed to established theatres, offers more open structures in many spaces.  This can be a place where social boundaries can be called into question through aesthetic practices; a place that allows for a self-determined approach and structural interrogation. On the other hand, just as in most areas of society, similar exclusionary and discriminatory mechanisms are also at work here. What positions can be taken and what types of artistic practices are necessary to dissolve these mechanisms? What structures do we have to change to do this? What sustainable accesses must we guarantee and what niches must we protect?

With DR. AZADEH SHARIFI, theatre studies scholar (München), OLIVIA HYUNSIN KIM, performer (Berlin), CHANA DISCHEREIT, academic advisor (Mannheim) und TALA AL-DEEN, actor (Mannheim)

DR. AZADEH SHARIFI is a theatre studies scholar and an associate of the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. She is working on the topics of theatre and migration, postcolonial theory und decolonial practices in the theatre, as well as feminist and intersectional performances. She was a Fellow at the International Research Center “Interweaving Performance Cultures” at the FU Berlin. She has taught at the LMU (Munich), HBK (Braunschweig) and the University of Vienna. In addition, she has done activist and curatorial work at diverse theatres such as Augenblick Mal! Festival 2017 and "Politik im Freien Theater" in 2018. She is a board member of the Future Advisory Board (Fab) at Performance Studies international (PSi).

In Cooperation with the Regionalgruppe Rhein-Neckar der Kulturpolitischen Gesellschaft e.V.

Photo credits: Lys Y Seng