Macht und Struktur im Theater

Vortrag von Thomas Schmidt

Fri, 26 June, 8 pm

Admission free



Based on his extensive study on the topic of power in theatre operations, Thomas Schmidt has created a new model to reform and change hierarchical theatre structures. His reform proposal ranges primarily from improving the working conditions of the artists to aiming at more diversity and gender equality. After the lecture, Thomas Schmidt and Daria Holme will talk about their experiences with the transfer program for artistic exchange that the Theater Festival Schwindelfrei has made possible.

With THOMAS SCHMIDT, Professor for Theatre Management at the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts and board member of the Ensemble-Netzwerk and DARIA HOLME, director of the EinTanzHaus (Mannheim)

Thomas Schmidt has been a professor and director of the course of studies Theatre and Orchestra Management in Frankfurt since 2010. He was managing director of the National Theater Weimar from 2003 to 2013 and guest professor at Harvard University in 2014. His publication "Structure and Power" is based on the results of the study "Art and Power in Theatre" which with 1,966 participants is the largest study of its kind.

Photo credits: Julian Bender