Stage / Dance Installation


La Trottier Dance (Mannheim)

Thu, 2 July, 8 – 8.40 pm
Thu, 2 July, 9.20 – 10 pm



In this exceptional situation of pandemic isolation, the question of our identity and our relationship to each other must be completely refigured. With (Con)fabulation, La TD investigates narrative modes of this micro-societal development and explores the depths of new relationships between audience and artist. The experimental arrangement on stage protects both artist and audience from each other, separates them and at the same time, brings them closer than ever before. What does the future look like? Identities will be largely defined from the outside and by external characteristics. Where is the transition from animal to human and vice versa? Do humans exist as genderless, narrated beings? What movements can be read beyond gender? How does a time without shared physicality, without physical closeness, without haptic sensuality change us? What kind of proximity is created in the video stream? What stories are we writing and what stories are being ascribed to us? La TD experiments with four female performers in the between and beyond of attributions.

Canadian-born Éric Trottier has worked nationally and internationally as a dancer and choreographer - including at the Nationaltheater Mannheim - and founded his ensemble La Trottier Dance in Mannheim in 2011. In 2015 and 2019, the company won the Stuttgart Theatre Prize. Committed to the development of contemporary dance, he conceived and initiated a venue in Mannheim in cooperation with Daria Holme that has been realised as the EinTanzHaus. La Trottier Dance is the resident company at the EinTanzHaus.

Regie: Éric Trottier
Dance: Georgia Begbie, Lisa Bless, Laura Börtlein, Franziska Schmitz
Choreography Assistants: Michelle Cheung, Tobias Weikamp
Dramaturgy/Management: Susanne Brauer
Costume design: Melanie Riester
Light design/Mis-en-scène: Éric Trottier, Stefan Grießhaber
Music: Peter Hinz, Steffen Dix
Live video: Peter Hinz

Photo credits: Lys Y Seng
Video credits: La Trottier Dance