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Decolonial Dreaming

UMOJA! & Sonya Lindfors (Mannheim/Heidelberg/Helsinki)

2 – 5 July, 2020


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Decolonial Dreaming starts from the radical potential of dreaming as a subversive practice. Situated somewhere between a performance, a meeting and a jam session; spaces are opened up to spend time together, to listen and to dream.  Sonya Lindfors and UMOJA! are continuing the work they started with their participation in the Theaterfestivals Schwindelfrei 2018 on the topics of de-colonial practice and black empowerment and are inviting you to a joint session.

UMOJA! is an intergenerational team of black, African and African-diasporic members who work together as an initiative for the empowerment of black people in Mannheim and in the surrounding area. In addition, the members are committed to the prevention of racism in the arts and culture as well as in political education.

Sonya Lindfors is a choreographer living in Helsinki who in addition to her art, also does community and educational work. She is a founding member and artistic director of UrbanApa, an interdisciplinary and anti-hegemonic art community that offers a platform for new discourses and feminist art practices. In her award-winning works, she tries to break up power structures. She deals with questions of being black, black body politics, representation and decolonial dream practices.

SOFT VARIATIONS began within the framework of the Schwindelfrei 2018 Theatre Festival as a format for artistic and empowering exchange for BPOC in Mannheim and Heidelberg. Among other projects, the group UMOJA! was formed. Now, Lindfors and UMOJA! have come together again with SOFT VARIATIONS – ONLINE.

Concept: Sonya Lindfors, Esete Sutinen, Zen Jefferson
Artists: Melanelle B. C. Hémêfa, Asmaa Sbou, Sandra Regina de Oliveira e Silva, Annella Schroth

Photo credits: Lys Y Seng
Video credits: UMOJA!