Workshop-Residence / Dance


Edan Gorlicki / INTER-ACTIONS (Heidelberg)

Opening Hours
Sun, 5 July, 4 – 8 pm



During the three weeks of their residency, the dancers from INTER-ACTIONS will work together with experts from the fields of dance therapy and therapeutic sciences to explore the physical effects of traumatic experiences. How does the body react to shock? How are the traumatised treated in their daily environments? And how does society recount these events?

INTER-ACTIONS is the company of choreographer Edan Gorlicki. Based in Heidelberg, the group is consciously committed to various focal points such as the development and performance of their own original pieces, the continuation of the participation program Building-Actions, as well as developing new formats and perspectives for contemporary dance.  The group has created six pieces to date – "The Players" (2015), "Boiling Cold" (2016), "Lucky Bastards" (2017), "Sexless Babe" (2018), "What Do We Do" (2019) and "Impact" (2020), which have been shown in Groningen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Erfurt, Mannheim and Heidelberg, among other places, and two of which have been awarded the Dance and Theatre Prize of the City of Stuttgart and the State of Baden-Württemberg.

Choreography: Edan Gorlicki
Dramatic advisor: Eva-Maria Steinel
Dance: Amy Josh, Charlotte Petersen, Lorenzo Ponteprimo, Alfonso Fernández Sánchez, TingAn Ying

In Cooperation with SRH Hochschule Heidelberg, Faculty for Therapy Science, Dance Therapy/Music Therapy

Photo credits "rehearsal&showing: Lys Y Seng
Photo credits: Holger Reuker