Workshop-Residence / Audio Walk

Unser Land. Punkt

Al-Deen/Bababoutilabo/Dischereit/Frey (Mannheim/Berlin)

Opening Hours
Thu, 2 July, 6 – 7.30 pm
Thu, 2 July, 8 – 9 pm

Fri, 3 July, 5 – 7 pm
Fri, 3 July, 7 – 9 pm

Sat, 4 July, 3 – 5 pm



When facing stories that defend national and cultural purity, how can the desire to be diverse be expressed without fear of reprisal? What can be done to offset the anguish of being solely defined as part of one single folk, ethnicity, gender/sex or place? The interdisciplinary residence project “User Land.Punkt” will meet these questions head on with impulses from performance, music, video art and political work. The installation amplifies the voices of a society of many and invites you to share this communal space.

We are the post-migrant de-colonial authority. What actually is post-migrant? This could be something that we may find out. We are six people that are becoming a collective. We move between fear and courage in the face of the void within which our collective art should grow.  At this point, we have never all been in an analogue room together at the same time. Many of us make music. Two of us are scientists. One of us is a theatre director, one is an author and one person would like to be the department head for ethnic cleansing and Kanakisation . Many of us are post-migrants or Jewish. (Many of us are not visible). All of us are anti-racists.

Artists: Tala Al-Deen, Vincent Bababoutilabo, Chana Dischereit, Laura Frey, Sevda Can Arslan, Serra Al-Deen

Photo credits: Lys Y Seng
Photo credits "Living room": Al-Deen